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Huge career opportunities in the online gambling sector

Thursday, 20 October 2022

The online gambling sector continues going from strength to strength, but it brings with it a number of challenges for operators. This is finding the right staff to fill key roles. Such is the growth of iGaming, that some companies are struggling to find enough highly-qualified staff to fill positions. 

But for those looking for a new job or career trajectory, this is great news as it is a secure and sustainable sector that will continue expanding in the short, medium, and long term.


Those working in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are more in demand than ever before, to the point that there are not enough highly-skilled professionals to go around. Companies have struggled to find enough people with relevant experience and qualifications to help them meet their goals. Not only is there a massive shortage of blockchain and crypto-skilled workers, but those that get employed don’t last long. Recent research found that the average worker skilled in this field lasts just 1.2 years in their role before moving elsewhere. This suggests that those hiring need to work harder to retain staff to prevent them from being poached by competitors. Many blockchain and crypto courses are available all way up to Master’s level, meaning workers can become skilled in no time. This sector will continue to grow, particularly in iGaming, which is an excellent trajectory for many.

Graphic Design

Competition in iGaming is increasing, meaning those with cutting-edge graphics will lead the pack. This means that there is much demand for graphic designers who can create innovative and eye-catching games and pictures and interfaces for iGaming platforms. In 2022, there are many opportunities for great game designers, 2D and 3D animators, game producers, graphic designers with experience in gaming, or just those willing to learn. These jobs include online and offline and can be full, part-time or on a contract or project basis. The best thing about these jobs is that there will always be a demand for graphic designers as this is a kind of job that cannot be replaced by new technologies.


iGaming and technology recruiters have reported a significant demand for developers in the iGaming sector, particularly those at the middle level. The role of a developer is to take a game from concept to reality through the coding of all visual aspects of the game, programming features, and of course, testing it out until it is completed. The game is the moneymaker of a platform, so ensuring it works properly and looks great is of the utmost importance. It is also essential for games to be desirable, fun to play, and give an edge over what other studios are offering. Salaries are high, especially for those with experience in the field.


Some of the most sought-after roles in the online gambling industry include email marketing manager, digital marketing manager, head of marketing, and those with experience in affiliates and content production. In such a competitive vertical, it is essential that marketing is efficient and brings in the maximum revenue and return on investment. Finding the right individuals to drive a platform forward is challenging, and keeping them is even more complicated. But roles in this sector are advantageous and often include an excellent base salary plus bonuses and performance-related perks.

Technical and Customer Support

If something goes wrong, you need to be able to address it as soon as possible. This means having an all-star technical and customer support team who are on hand around the clock to assist. The technical team works internally and externally, assisting with problems with the site, server, games, accounts, and more. Time is money, so they need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to any issues at any time of the day. They should also be well-versed in customer service if they deal with external problems. Secondly, customer support agents are essential to keeping clients happy, lowering chargeback issues, and avoiding complaints. They should be multilingual, patient, polite, knowledgeable and ready to solve any problems that crop up. Jobs in these areas are plentiful and offer good salaries, increasing significantly once approaching management level. Furthermore, they often have flexible hours and work-from-home opportunities as well.


Last but not least, there is a significant need for workers in the compliance sector of the gaming industry. Companies are becoming more aware of their obligations and are doing their best to deal with financial crime, underage gambling, responsible gambling, and a changing regulatory landscape. This calls for internal staff that are versed in compliance and iGaming and who can uphold specific standards within a company. Compliance is not optional, and every company needs several staff that deal with these issue in collaboration with a third party like Fast Offshore. Those wanting to work in this sector should have legal or regulatory experience and knowledge of the iGaming sector.

We are not recruiters, but we have 25 years of experience helping online gambling operators set up or expand their businesses. Fast Offshore can assist with incorporating licensing applications, structuring, payments, and ongoing compliance. We can also take care of all maintenance once you are up and running, leaving you more time to focus on building a successful business.

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