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iBet Directory Facilitates the iGaming Industry With New Redevelopment

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

iBet Directory has been listening to our partners and users and since the new year have been working tirelessly give an even better experience. We've identified many ways of improving our services, we've cornered gaps in the market and crafted solutions to close them, facilitating more efficient ways of making business for the iGaming industry. That's what we do here, we analyse, we listen and then we built it. Due to demand and exponential growth since we launched in early September we felt it was only our duty to push iBet Directory’s limits a little further. We currently have over 320 operator brands live on the site and a waiting list of over 50, in our eyes that’s not a good level of service to our partners. Nobody should be waiting more than 24 hours to be added to the fastest growing iGaming and Sports Betting Directory so we needed to reduce the bottle neck and not only update our front end but completely redevelop our CMS to make our processes as smooth and painless as possible. Our Suppliers section is also growing and we’ve had huge interest from over 40 industry suppliers so our system needs to be ready for that also. We understand there are many types of players and markets in this exciting industry so we’ve not only launched 6 new categories for our users looking for new betting brands, but we’ve also broken the industry down further in to 48 different geo markets, and they’ll be more of that to come to. Now, for example; if you’re a resident of Finland looking for an eSports betting website, you can view a full selection catering to your very taste and requirements. What’s more, we’ve optimised the site to be fully responsive on mobile devices. The industry is evolving every day, new partnerships, new acquisitions, new innovations. We know the industry is saturated in news websites, but iBet Directory aims to be the hub of iGaming, a place where you don’t need to find another site to keep up to date, which is why we’ve added a more dynamic and industry broad news page to our site. If you want to add us to your mailing list then send your news to These are just a small number of changes and developments we’ve been working on, you can view a more detailed list below. - Full back office redevelopment. - New iBet Industry News Page. - New Feedback page. - Re-design of Homepage. - Re-design of iBet Directory sections page. - 6 New sections launched (eSports, Virtual, Bingo and Lottery now split off into 2 sections, Jackpots, Scratch and Table Games). - 48 Geo Market pages created including; UK, Spain, Germany, Japan, Brazil, UAE, Argentina, USA, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Denmark, South Africa, Italy, Peru and many, many more. - New Search Site feature. - Operator Directory viewable in List mode and Tile Matrix. - Operator brands dedicated pages and URL’s. - Suppliers Pages broken down across 5 dedicated pages for ease of use on Mobile and better SEO implementation. - Events Pages broken down across 5 dedicated pages for ease of use on Mobile and better SEO implementation. - New landing pages for each of the 12 betting style pages. - 8 Premium Position allowance on each betting style pages (updated from 4). - Stronger SEO implementation across every page of the website. - And much, much more.

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