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Internet Vikings release iGaming & Sports Betting FUTURE Magazine - A Magazine Aimed at Industry Growth

Friday, 8 July 2022

In June, Internet Vikings released their first publication, iGaming & Sports Betting FUTURE Magazine, featuring developments, analytics, and forecasts within the iGaming industry.

“For the past half a year, our team has been very busy behind the scenes working on this unique publication, and I am very pleased to see such a positive reaction from our readers”, Anna Dobrovolskaya, Internet Vikings CMO and the magazine project initiator, expressed her excitement.

Inspired by the desire to share their knowledge with the world, Internet Vikings created an all-inclusive magazine featuring iGaming industry trends, global market statistics, in-depth analysis of U.S. expansion, and technology's role within the growing industry.

The FUTURE is based on the opinions of well-respected contributors such as the lawyer and activist Max Schrems, NOGA Managing Director, Peter-Paul de Goeji, and Chairman of Green Jade Games, Jesper Karrbrink, and serves to empower iGaming enterprises with expert, validated, and detailed information that is needed to succeed in the industry.

“This is not a commercial project; this was a people's project. Our goal was to share firsthand industry experience, drive iGaming enterprises forward, and positively impact the iGaming community. That was always our main focus. We are thrilled at the response and feedback we have received. " added Anna.

At first, Internet Vikings iGaming & Sports Betting FUTURE magazine had been available solely online. However, due to high demand, the decision has been made to print hard copies which can be ordered on their website completely free of charge.

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