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Jobs in iGaming: Perks Attracting Top Talent

Thursday, 25 January 2024

Leading online gambling companies are introducing a range of valuable staff perks to attract and

retain the best talent.


Along with good pay rates, recruitment experts say these incentives explain why many candidates are keen to consider jobs in iGaming.


One agency, IGAMINGHUNT, highlights innovative ways that firms in the online casino and sports betting space make life much better for their employees.


IGAMINGHUNT CEO Tanya Shevchuk explains that with the sector’s job market being so competitive, companies with perks are staying one step ahead in the recruitment process. “We have a large candidate pool looking to switch jobs within iGaming or move to the sector for the first time,” she says.


“Increasingly, they are telling us that perks offered by iGaming companies are important to them.”


Here are the key incentives and perks that Tanya Shevchuk says are helping to attract talent.


Remote or hybrid working model

Most leading iGaming companies today permit their employees to follow a remote or hybrid working model. Some take things further by adopting a “work from anywhere” policy, enabling employees to live in the country of their choice while completing their day-to-day work.


Remote working is mutually beneficial. It allows companies to attract top talent to jobs in iGaming without being restricted to specific geographic locations, and it means that employees have the freedom to choose where (and often when) they work.


Health insurance

The rising cost of global healthcare has led most reputable iGaming companies to introduce generous health insurance packages to their employees. Some health insurance schemes are localised and available in specific countries. Other firms offer staff extensive and comprehensive international insurance policies tied in with a remote or hybrid working model.


For instance, the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) provides all employees with international health insurance and a generous health and well-being package. iGaming software company Softswiss offers a mental health programme to ensure employees are at the top of their game.


Sports compensation

Pioneering iGaming companies recognise the fact that the physical health of their employees goes hand-in-hand with their daily performance. That’s why many offer gym subsidies and sports classes as part of their remuneration packages. This can range from reduced fees at national gym chains to in-house yoga classes open to all employees.


Betsson exemplifies this policy brilliantly with a good perks package, including daily yoga classes at the office and a gym subsidy that all employees can take advantage of if they wish.


Additional days off

IGAMINGHUNT, which recruits widely for the best iGaming talent, found another staff perk commonly available in the industry is additional days off throughout the year.


Many companies give employees their birthdays off as a free day, while others add days off for things like volunteering in the community or as performance-related bonuses.


Companies recognise that their employees are at their best when they are well-rested and valued, so extra days off is one of the most popular perks in the iGaming industry.


Learning and development with jobs in iGaming

Many iGaming companies are also investing significantly in the learning and development of their workforces. This is commonly achieved via courses and classes, with some firms offering free development courses and others paying for professional development courses delivered by third parties.


The development opportunities available at iGaming firms vary, ranging from second language classes to technical courses relating to game development, coding, and design.


Some firms also offer subscriptions to employees to help with learning and development. For example, live casino pioneer Evolution Gaming provides employees access to Bookboon, the world’s biggest eBook and audio learning publisher. As a result, Evolution employees can access hours of podcasts, virtual classrooms, and online classes for free. Check out the company careers page for more info.


Event Invitations

A key part of any iGaming company’s success is networking, and most firms invite their employees to various events throughout the year. Industry events include SIGMA and ICE, which are opportunities for employees to connect with other professionals within the iGaming sector.


iGaming companies also provide regular corporate events, functions, and parties to incentivise their staff. For instance, Soft2Bet hosts regular “away parties,” staff events over several days involving entertainment and activity programs to thank staff for their hard work.


Snacks and food

Last but certainly not least, iGaming offices are often a foodie’s paradise. Regular in-house breakfasts, delicious snacks, and lunches at expensive restaurants for team meetings are commonplace at some of the biggest firms.


Some companies also offer staff discounts for specific restaurants in their local area, providing great opportunities for employees to eat out with friends and family away from the corporate environment.


Final thoughts

In addition to a highly competitive salary, working for a leading iGaming company has many perks. From remote working to learning and development opportunities, these companies know how to care for their staff.


It’s an exciting industry, with expected future growth and increased salaries likely. iGaming employees also benefit from performance-related bonuses, yearly bonuses based on company performance, and other corporate perks. Ultimately, it’s easy to see why jobs in iGaming are so highly sought after.

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