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Leading Candidate Questions Asked in iGaming Job Interviews

Monday, 11 March 2024

If you’re looking for your next role in iGaming, knowing what to ask your prospective employer can make a world of difference. Here, we reveal some of the most frequently asked questions by candidates who are seeking their next position.


We spoke to Tanya Shevchuk, the CEO of specialist recruitment company IGAMINGHUNT, who gave her expert opinion on many of the most pressing candidate questions asked by those looking for their next roles in the industry.


Who are the owners of the company?


Understanding a company’s structure and who is behind the operation can make a huge difference to a candidate’s willingness to work there.


Tanya Shevchuk indicates the importance of transparency in the iGaming industry: “Lots of candidates we work with want to know about the people behind the firm. They want to know about the founders and directors, as well as the people within the senior management team.


“Transparency is crucial in the iGaming industry, as qualified candidates want to avoid shady firms that are unknown quantities. This is why so many candidates begin by asking about the founders, owners, and management team.”


What is the country of origin & where are the offices located?


Naturally, candidates want to know where the company is based. Many iGaming firms operate out of iGaming hotspots like Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, and Cyprus. Given the nature of the work, many offer hybrid and remote working opportunities, which is ideal for attracting talent from a big pool.


The more flexible a firm is with working arrangements, the more likely they are to attract the best iGaming talent.


How long has the company operated for?


Many iGaming professionals want to work for companies with a proven track record, while others prefer the excitement and potential of joining a startup. Tanya Shevchuk adds: “We often see candidates who want to work for companies that are at least three to five years old as a form of insurance against the volatility of working within a start-up. On the flip side, some candidates relish the fast pace of a startup environment or young company.”


Does the company offer shares?


Many iGaming companies are hugely successful and offer company shares as an incentive to attract the best talent. Normally, this incentive is reserved for senior-level positions, but it’s a question that many candidates want to know the answer to.


What are the main products, markets, and licenses?


iGaming companies work on a huge range of products to deliver in various markets that are licensed by regulatory bodies.


Tanya Shevchuk highlights the importance of clarity in this regard: “Candidates want to work for companies that offer a broad spectrum of products, like slots, table games, and even live dealer titles. They are also aware that the most legitimate iGaming firms work in leading markets in Europe and the Americas and want to know about licensing and regulatory terms.


“Many candidates specifically want to know if the iGaming firm is licensed by a regulatory body like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, two of the strictest bodies in the world.”


What is the current team size & structure?


iGaming companies tend to be agile organisations with multiple teams. Specialists work in various departments, including game development, design, customer service, content, HR, and marketing. This makes candidates curious about where they will be placed within the organisation and how big the company is. Some people prefer working within smaller teams, while other candidates want the opportunity to grow within a larger company.


Does the company operate in black markets?


While many iGaming firms are regulated, fair, and transparent, there’s another side to the industry that some candidates want to avoid. Grey markets are not so contentious, but most candidates would not want to work with companies operating illegally in specific markets.


“It makes their job much easier – and safer – and ensures that they can work within a clearly defined legal framework,” Tanya Shevchuk explains.


Why do you personally think the company is good?


Not necessarily restricted to iGaming firms, this question is pertinent for anyone looking for a job. Flipping the interview on its head is a good way to find out how a team leader or manager sees the company and can offer valuable insight for candidates.


Which internal programs does the company have?


Tanya Shevchuk says that most candidates look past remuneration before accepting a role with an iGaming firm. “A competitive salary is not enough for talented candidates. They want to know about workplace benefit schemes, well-being programs, and other perks.


“If you want to attract the best people, you need to offer the best packages, something that is not lost among the clients we work with daily.”




Whether you’re looking for a role or are keen to recruit new talent to your iGaming firm, being prepared for the interview makes a lot of sense. You can use these questions to guide you tackle the iGaming recruitment process this year.


Check out IGAMINGHUNT to see the latest roles available in iGaming.

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