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Move to Azure - or be locked out

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Hat du today traditional hosting via a partner or your own servers in the basement? Are you considering to take the business in into a public cloud service? In this article we give you the arguments and the benefits as hopefully make you easier can make an active decision to move your IT environment to Microsoft Azure.

Maybe you are one of them trying to find the right motive to move your computing power to Azure? Who can't find the motivators that answer the question: why? We want to give you the answers that will make you see the possibilities with a move and the benefits it can bring to your business.

In fact, many businesses already use Microsoft Outlook, Teams and Office products through their Microsoft 365 licenses. By using Microsoft 365, you have already taken the first step to Azure. So the question is whether you should stick with the servers in the basement for various applications like business systems and various databases, or if it's actually time to take the plunge into the cloud fully.

Here we list various arguments and advantages of moving your data center to Azure!

7 great opportunities and reasons to move your IT to Azure

  • When it's time for new upurchases: The day it's time to buy new equipment for your local server room might be the time to consider moving to the cloud in instead of investing in more hardware.

  • When agreementet with existing IT suppliers expire: Planning for and implementing a move to Azure as existing contracts expire, is smart and avoids double costs..

  • When you review and want to minska capital costcapital costs: To cpurchasing new hardwarewhich you also need to upgrade that you also need to replace at regular intervals, makes you linker capital in servers. Something you can avoid by moving IT to the cloud and Microsoft Azure.

  • When requirements for compliance changes: Laws and regulations are constantly changing. An organization may also be subject to clarify its policies which changes how it may and should work with datapersonal data etc. In the context of this type of change, it may also be wise to consider the cloud as a good way forward.

  • When new requirements are set at datarcreation: Data ownership governs who is considered the owner of the data. Based on this it becomes necessary to review who who has the right to modify or access certain data. This type of change requires a lot of further development if you have servers, but access and protection of data is quite easy to manage i Microsoft Azure.

  • When you get tired of disturbances or systems are down: By using Azure reduces outages due to outages hardware failure and you don't have to shut down your business to run maintenance work on servers.

  • When you want to reduce carbon footprint and work more sustainably: Your own set of servers makes high demands on redundancy in the power system and consumes a lot of energy. Moving to Azure means that your power system needs to be the carbon footprint is reduced. positive because Microsoft's Azuredata centre is CO2neutral. This improves the environmental profile of your business.

6 value-added benefits for your business that can be achieved by moving to Azure

  • Cost savings: In addition to not tying up capital, you can control costs according to your needs. This allows you to influence the economics of the computing power you pay for.

  • Smaller number of suppliers: Having your own data centre requires premises, insurance, power supply and other things where you need to use external suppliers. By choosing the right Azureand IT partner, you'll have just one vendor to turn tofor server capacity issues.

  • Optimisation of activities: By moving to Azure, your business can be optimised andstaff previously needed to run your local server can focus on other things.

  • Opportunities for scaling: By migrating to Azure, you'll never have to worry about capacity again. You can increase and decrease data power depending on how much your business requires.

  • Increased geographical mobility: If scaling is about increasing resources, this is about moving them. One day your company's services may be in greater demand in another part of the world and you will have the opportunity to distribute them.

  • Integrations: This is about connecting different systems that need to share the same data. You may want to create links with the customer system and identity management, or link the finance system with the invoice scanning system, or you mayhave two web applications that need to interact. Integrations are much easier to manage in Microsoft Azure.

Think about the value your organisation would gain from moving all or part of your IT to Microsoft Azure. Also, make sure to find the right timing and triggers to actually find the motivation to do it now, rather than later.

If you want to know more about Microsoft Azure and how to migrate and move your data centre to the cloud, please take a look at our webinar - Should you migrate your data centre to Microsoft Azure

Read more about it here. Or contact us at WeSafe and we'll tell you more!

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