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Outstanding Localization Offers by GTH

Thursday, 17 September 2020

The new, growing trend; Localization Here’s why localization is needed, plus two outstanding offers from one of the leading Unified Localization Providers in the iGaming space, GTH. As trends go, localization is a trend - especially in the iGaming world - that’s started to grow and build up strong momentum. Why the sudden surge towards localizing your brand? The global pandemic has definitely played a big role, especially as brands within the iGaming space have started to expand their reach and target other regions during this time. Targeting a new region means localizing your brand, or you can choose not to and follow the hilarious habits employed by Mitsubishi. We know that Mitsubishi hasn’t entered the iGaming space (yet), but as they’re a big-name brand, it’s worth talking about the horrors of not localizing your brand. Oh, and before we get into this, if you’re thinking “localization” means “translating content from one language to another”, you’re mistaken. It’s so much more than that! Localization means that you’ve shot through the translations' finishing line ribbon and properly zoomed into understanding the cultural nuances of the market you’re trying to get into. This is what we do here at GTH; it’s our bread and butter and we’ve been serving brands big and small with all their localization needs for over a decade. Now we’re empowering iGaming brands on iBet with all their localization needs too. We’ll get into how we can empower your brand in a bit, but first, let’s all laugh at Mitsubishi. When big-name brands fail to carry out proper localization You’d think that big-name brands like Mitsubishi would’ve had localization down to a t, right? If you did think that, you’d be wrong. And while we’re at it, we’re about to show you what happens when translation work is done, but localization is absolutely neglected. Mitsubishi is the 3-time world champion at getting localization wrong Mitsubishi is a multi-billion-dollar car company that simply keeps getting it wrong with the names of the cars it produces. For instance, the Pajero, a very popular 4x4 is a hilarious case in point. You see, the word “Pajero” in Spanish is slang for someone who likes to play with themselves! Seriously, it does. Look it up. The funny thing is that you would think a company like Mitsubishi would have carried out some localization due diligence, but alas, they didn’t, and now we all get to laugh at them. The second case in point is the Mitsubishi Starion. Its name is basically short for “Star of Orion” which is the name of a star and a mythical horse. When they released the ad for the Starion in the early 90’s, Mitsubishi had an animated horse appear at the end of the ad. Why is this funny? You can hear the animated horse saying “Starion”, and it really sounds like it’s mispronouncing the word “Stallion”. Again, why do we find this funny? It’s because the Japanese language doesn’t really differentiate between R’s and L’s. For instance, did you know that "Larry" and "rally" are written in Japanese using the exact same letters? Because of this, there’s now a large population of the international motoring community that actually believes “Starion” is a mispronunciation of “Stallion.” When Mitsubishi realized their mistake, they changed the name from “Starion” to “Conquest” for the North American market. Then there’s the Mitsubishi Canter Guts. That’s right, the Canter Guts. Mitsubishi named their car Canter Guts. Why? Because in Japanese, “guts” doesn’t have the intestinal nuance it does in English. In Japanese it translates into something having strength and power, and this is positive. That’s Mitsubishi wrapped up, and we’re sure you now understand how important localization is. Localization and iGaming When it comes to localizing your iGaming brand for the market you’re looking to penetrate, you’re better off talking to us as we have been there and done for countless iGaming brands. We’ll show you how we can help and we’ll first do this by reviewing your site. The first step is called LQA, which is short for Localization Quality Assurance. This is where we audit your iGaming website, scrutinizing and very critically telling you how you can make it a whole lot better. We’ll never sugarcoat anything, and if your site doesn’t stack up to the market you’re trying to get into, we’ll tell you. Another huge “no strings attached” benefit is our free translation and content offering. We’ll take a sample of your website and translate it for you absolutely free. You’ll be able to quickly see why GTH has been in the industry for so long. We’ll also create content for you. Absolutely free content! Our Content Team is first-class and you can put them to the test. Simply tell us what sort of content you’re looking for and our team will create it in the tone of voice you’re looking for.

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