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Pascal Gaming - Fast Flip - A Thrilling Addition In Bet on Games Line

Thursday, 5 October 2023

We are more than happy to announce Pascal Gaming’s new addition to its extensive portfolio - Fast Flip


Fast Flip is a Crash type game that players can join at any time. The game displays a character flipping a token into the air. When the character flips the coin into the air, the game coefficient starts to increase until the character grabs the token and the game coefficient stops.


The goal of the game is to take the win with the highest possible coefficient prior the game coefficient stops. The win amount is calculated by multiplying the player's bet amount with the coefficient of the game at the time of cash out.


Apart from this, the players can place bets on additional markets. Additional markets include the opportunity to place bets on ranges, during which the game coefficient will stop.


The ranges available for placing bets in the game include:

  • 1- x20 odds
  • 1.01-2- x2 odds
  • 2.01-5- x3 odds
  • 5.01-10 x 10 odds

Moreover, at the end of each round, the character of the game displays the side of the coin, on which the game stops. This can be either Heads or Tails. The players can place bets on these outcomes as well with the following coefficients:


Fast Flip is unique with its visuals, character, game scene and Betting opportunities.

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