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Simple cardless payments for gaming operators via Citizen's PayBlox platform

Thursday, 21 October 2021

The iGaming industry operates at a scale where subtle changes lead to significant gains, especially with payments. Transaction volumes are high, and gaming is often a proving ground for new technologies.

At Citizen, we’re working with gaming and betting operators to drive down their payment processing and operational costs, while making it easier than ever to get paid and stay compliant. An integration with our PayBlox platform lets you implement Citizen payments as well as a host of other features.

PayBlox is built using open banking technology, letting us add functionality to the platform that helps you to receive, reconcile and manage money more effectively.

We work with regulated companies, dealing with massive volumes of transactions. By rolling bank-based payments, account verification, and corporate accounts into one integration, we make it easier than ever to receive deposits, enable withdrawals and manage your funds.

Frictionless deposits and withdrawals

Citizen payments eliminate friction from your customer experience and boost your conversion rates by letting customers make deposits quickly, directly from their bank accounts. There’s no need for the customer to enter their card information or a password. This lightens the operational burden for your organisation by reducing pressure on support teams, as more payments complete with no issue.

You can also enable withdrawals via our PayBox platform, benefiting from  competitively low processing fees, while keeping your customers satisfied with instant settlement and a seamless customer experience.

Deposits and withdrawals via Citizen move instantly between you and your customer, as open banking lets us ‘push’ money directly between accounts. There are no other intermediaries in a Citizen transaction - so the process is intrinsically faster, simpler and cheaper than other payment methods like debit cards.

Corporate accounts and agile money management

PayBlox makes it easier than every for you to receive, store and reconcile payments. Open one of our versatile corporate accounts to accept payments into an account combining high-security with ease of access.

Keep funds safe here for as long as you need to before remitting them back to your business - you have full control of this via PayBlox’s  dashboard.

The dashboard acts as your very own mission control for payments. In addition to managing your (optional) corporate account, you can manually pay money out to customers, make account verification requests, and view and transact with verified customers.

Seamless, tested customer journeys

Not only do our customer journeys work ‘out of the box’ - they’ve been thoroughly user-tested and optimised for conversion. We roll out any further improvements and adjustments automatically, as we make them.

At Citizen, we obsess over delivering simple, stable experiences for you, your colleagues and your customers. From your player’s payment and identification journeys, to the interfaces you use to request account verification and view payment activity, Citizen has been designed with real people in mind.

To find out more or book a demo, please drop us a line. We’d love to show you around.

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