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Sweepium Partners with Hero Gaming to Elevate Sweepstakes and Gaming Experience

Sunday, 7 April 2024

Sweepium, the leading provider of comprehensive sweepstakes solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Hero Gaming, the renowned operator of online gaming sites including Casino Heroes, Betser, Speedy Casino, and SimpleCasino. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the iGaming industry, bringing together two innovative companies to enhance the gaming experience and revolutionize sweepstakes marketing.


Sweepium has long been recognized as a pioneer in the sweepstakes industry, offering a one-stop-shop solution for all sweepstakes needs. With a focus on agility, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Sweepium has distinguished itself as the go-to platform for businesses looking to launch their own sweepstakes brand quickly and efficiently.


"We are delighted to partner with Hero Gaming, a company that shares our commitment to excellence and innovation," said Daniel Mitton, CBDO of Sweepium. "This partnership represents an exciting opportunity to combine our expertise in sweepstakes marketing with Hero Gaming's extensive experience in the online gaming industry. Together, we will deliver unparalleled value to our clients and redefine the way sweepstakes are integrated into the gaming landscape."


Hero Gaming, founded by Georg Westin in 2013, has earned a reputation for providing players with a fun and entertaining gaming experience across a diverse portfolio of online gaming sites. With a focus on customer satisfaction and continuous innovation, Hero Gaming has become a trusted name in the gaming industry, securing licenses from reputable authorities such as the MGA Malta and the Swedish Gambling Authority.


”By combining our strengths and resources in terms of long experience of running a successful multibrand strategy and detailed knowledge about the sweep mechanics we will deliver a world class gaming experience to a target customer segment we belive to be very important. We are certain that the potential is enormous” Adde George Westin, CEO of Hero Gaming.


As part of the partnership, Sweepium will provide Hero Gaming with access to its cutting-edge sweepstakes platform, allowing Hero Gaming to seamlessly integrate sweepstakes into its online gaming sites. This integration will enable Hero Gaming to enhance player engagement, drive brand loyalty, and differentiate its offerings in the competitive iGaming market.


The partnership between Sweepium and Hero Gaming underscores the growing importance of collaboration and innovation in the iGaming industry. As both companies continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, they remain committed to delivering exceptional value and experiences to their clients and players.

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