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The lowdown on licensing in Anjouan!

Tuesday, 2 April 2024

Over the last 18 months, the Anjouan license has emerged as a compelling option for operators seeking a reliable and cost-efficient licensing jurisdiction. What was once a little-known option has gained significant traction among stakeholders, with an increasing number of operators either relocating to Anjouan or considering it as a viable alternative to more established jurisdictions like Curacao. Nestled in the Union of the Comoros in the Indian Ocean, Anjouan offers a safe haven for startups and established companies, offering reliability, security, affordability, and simplicity.

For those seeking an alternative to traditional jurisdictions or aiming to establish their online gambling platform with minimal bureaucracy and costs, Anjouan presents a compelling option. Here, we delve into some of the key questions surrounding the Anjouan license to provide insights for those considering this jurisdiction for their iGaming ventures.

What Documents Are Required for the Application Process?

Applying for an Anjouan iGaming license means submitting a number of documents. These typically include a comprehensive business plan, proof of domain ownership, a software agreement, and provably fair, or fair gaming certificate. Additionally, operators must offer up copies of various policies to be displayed on their websites, encompassing Terms and Conditions, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies, as well as Responsible Gaming guidelines. Detailed information about ultimate beneficial owners, directors, and shareholders, along with ID, background checks, and financial information, must be provided to demonstrate the legitimacy of the gaming business and those involved.

What Activities Does the Anjouan License Cover?

The Anjouan iGaming license grants holders the authority to offer a diverse array of online gambling services. These include cryptocurrency and fiat gambling, live dealer games including table games like poker and blackjack, slots, sports betting, eSports, online casinos, lottery, and various games of skill and chance. With an Anjouan license, there is no need to apply for other licenses depending on what you offer- everything is covered under one.

How Does Anjouan Ensure Integrity and Fairness?

Anjouan authorities prioritize fair gaming, honesty, and integrity within their jurisdiction. While they adopt a somewhat hands-off approach to regulation in many ways, they implement robust monitoring, audits, checks, and testing procedures to ensure operators maintain transparency and compliance. These measures aim to uphold the jurisdiction's reputation while mitigating risks associated with fraud, money laundering, and financial crimes.

What Are the Costs Associated with Anjouan's iGaming License?

Anjouan's iGaming license is known for it cost-efficiency, featuring low setup costs, application fees, and ongoing maintenance expenses. The exact pricing varies depending on the scale and nature of the operation, and includes application processes, annual licensing fees, and compliance-related costs. Operators can obtain detailed cost estimates from Fast Offshore, who specialize in assisting clients through the licensing process.

What Are the Ongoing Compliance Obligations for License Holders?

Maintaining an Anjouan iGaming license necessitates adherence to ongoing compliance obligations, including submitting annual reports, paying fees, and undergoing periodic reviews. Operators must also promptly inform authorities of any changes to their corporate structure, directors, shareholders, or beneficial owners. Ensuring compliance with these requirements, along with maintaining transparency and addressing issues or complaints promptly, facilitates a smooth renewal process and uninterrupted operations.

How Does Anjouan Handle Player Complaints and Disputes?

Anjouan authorities have established procedures to mediate and investigate player complaints with the authority to enforce disciplinary measures if warranted. Additionally, they remain vigilant regarding threats and adhere to international best practices to maintain competitiveness with other jurisdictions. Partnering with experienced service providers like Fast Offshore can streamline the application process and provide guidance on navigating regulatory requirements effectively.

In conclusion, the Anjouan license is a great option for iGaming operators seeking a cost-effective and straightforward licensing jurisdiction. To find out more, just contact Fast Offshore to discuss your options and find the best jurisdiction and license for you.

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