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Top 5 Trends which are Shaping the iGaming Industry - Part 2​

Friday, 17 July 2020

In part 1, we took a look at the iGaming industry as a whole and also listed 3 of the top trends which you, as a game operator or online casino gaming software provider need to look at. These 3 points were Content Commoditization, Regulation in Europe, and Player Acquisition. If you read part 1, and we really hope you did, you also would have noticed one central constant; localization. Here at GTH, we’ve been a unified localization provider for over 10 years now, and in all that time, we’ve been serving a huge array of game operators, online casino software providers, and affiliates who run iGaming reviews websites. We also cover an endless list of other verticals, but as this blog post is all about the iGaming industry, we’re focusing on that. In over 10 years of serving clients in the iGaming industry, the one constant we’ve noticed is that localization isn’t given the attention it needs, but more importantly, deserves. Throughout this blog, we’re going to be looking at the other iGaming trends you’re going to have to take into consideration, but we’re going to be peppering all the trends with a hint of localization. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the next iGaming trend! iGaming Trend 4 – Going Mobile As a game operator, you’re in the business of serving your clients (a.k.a. players), and to serve them better, you’re going to have to give them what they want. What 70% of them want is a mobile gaming experience. Our partners at Gartner and Forrester – two of the biggest statistical data firms in the world, have been kind enough to share a neat stat with us. 69.8% of ALL iGaming turnover throughout 2019 was generated via a mobile device. The interesting point is that this number has already exceeded the 74% point in 2020, and we’re only midway through the year. The migration from desktop to mobile increases, and the need for desktop gaming is dwindling. If you’re in the iGaming industry, you’re going to need to truly understand mobile if you’re going to be in a position to create better experiences for your players, and your players want “experiences” which fit neatly within the palm of their hands. What we are finding is that the debate over portrait or landscape gaming modes is in a state of flux. We’re also seeing that mobile gaming UX is in its infancy across the entire iGaming. If you are to look at great examples of game operators that have leaped to new levels when it comes to mobile gaming, you need not look any further than Mr Green, Leo Vegas, and, Pokerstars. These operators have curated exciting and engaging mobile experiences for their players and they’re definitely leading the way in mobile game excitement. Ignoring the glaring stat from above, why should mobile be so incredibly important to your future gaming plans? The simple reason is that mobile gives you the opportunity to create a truly immersive and personalized experience. It’s already one of the key driving forces in the iGaming industry and is set to drive the future growth of the industry even further. How can we, here at GTH, be of assistance? When it comes to the localization of your mobile games, we’re on hand to carry out every localization process you could need. We’re already working with a host of game operators on the front and we’d be more than happy to talk to you about all your localization needs. iGaming Trend 5 – AI & Data When we talk about “data”, the data you should be collecting on your players needs to be used to give something back to your players. This customer-centricity and data-driven decision-making philosophy needs to be at the forefront of everything you do. To be honest with you, never has that philosophy been more true and apt today for the iGaming industry. Data plays a huge part and should be viewed as being the backbone of your strategy as it’s your data that’s going to be assisting you when it comes to creating responsible gaming, and it’s your data that’s going to providing players with personalized experiences. We then have new machine learning techniques and AI, which allows you to process this data quicker. Quicker processing times mean that you’ll be in a position to make faster and more informed decisions than ever before, and in real-time. When it comes to game operators, the combination of data and AI allows you to build recommendation engines for games, as well as spot abnormal player behavior. Data and AI, when used in tandem, allow you to create better player experiences. You’ll also be in a better position to maintain greater control and adhere to responsible gaming regulations and standards, which as we saw from part 1, is essential. When we’re talking about data and AI from the viewpoint of the online casino game software provider, machine learning and AI have such a huge role to play. Why? Because the traditional dashboards we’ve all been accustomed to will soon become a thing of the past. We’re already working with software providers who are developing and pushing out intuitive, far greater designed interfaces that don’t just tell you what the problem is, but also suggest how and where to improve. Machine learning isn’t just the future, but it’s the present, and right now, machine learning is already empowering employees with their productivity. How? By allowing them to spend more time on the insights and decisions that matter, rather than being heavied down with data collation and reporting. If you’re a software provider and you’re looking for content and localization, let us know and we’ll show you how we can help. iGaming Trend 6 – iGaming Mergers and Acquisitions As is the case with all major industries, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a big part of life within the iGaming industry. In the last few years alone, we’ve seen a shakeup of the industry, seeing SG’s acquisition of NYX / OpenBet, as well as a host of other major acquisitions, which have shaped and are changing the iGaming industry. Why are we seeing more M&A’s than ever before in the iGaming industry? The simple reason is that game operators and suppliers are looking to consolidate. They’re looking to find complementary and/ or new assets, gain footholds in new markets such as the Asian and LatAm markets, and especially where booming new spaces such as eSports are concerned. We’re also seeing a change in the sportsbook iGaming side of the industry, especially after the US Supreme Court ruling in 2018 in favor of the state of New Jersey, which effectively killed PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), which was the federal law that essentially limited sports betting to one state (Nevada) for the last 25 years. PASPA was declared unconstitutional in the 6-3 decision, and this meant that new states such as New Jersey can establish sports gambling. This is why we’ve seen such a surge in new game operators in the US over the last two years. We’re onboarding new game operators and affiliates wanting to leverage the new gambling laws each week, and this is adding to the M&A which are taking place. Game operators are also looking to attain and leverage scale, and it’s super exciting for all of us here at GTH to see the iGaming change. There is, however, a lesson to be learned here, and that lesson is that with the constant and fast-paced changes in the iGaming industry, we’re going to look back in 10 years from now and probably not recognize the industry. With so many factors at play and so many influencers adding their tentacles to the iGaming pie, gaming has taken on a new, thrilling face. Technology and innovation drive the iGaming industry forwards, and this momentum means that game operators, gaming software providers, and affiliates need to work on constantly improving their products and their customer/ player experience. This is achieved by putting into practice the things we’ve learned over these last two blog posts. Having great, localized content also plays a huge role, and we’re plugging it here again. We’re not apologizing for the localization plug. Before we end this two-part article, it’s good to note that every piece of activity brings a new challenge and opportunity, and there’s so much more to come. The iGaming future looks bright, and we’re proud to be a part of it, offering localization and content to any game operator, software provider, or affiliate who is part of this iGaming space. Calling all Game Operators We hope you’ve enjoyed these two articles. Both were written by our awesome Copywriting Team here at GTH, with our Localization Team having a big input. Localization and content is key to everything you put out there as a game operator. Everyone here at GTH is ready to empower your brand to keep up with the iGaming trends. We know you want to stay relevant and we have what it takes to ensure you do. Whether you’re about to launch an online casino, sportsbook, poker room or another iGaming site, we’d like to hear from you. Our localization and content audits can be just the tonic you need to ensure you get off to the very best footing. We’ve got the iGaming localization experience you’re going to need if you’re to make the splash you’re looking for in the new country you’re launching in. Go ahead and drop us an email We’ll arrange a call and show you how we can really help your brand grow.

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