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Top Promotion Methods From CEO at Serpact Nikola Minkov at Greece Gambling Conference

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

What actions can make a gambling resource reach top search results? How to manage the Google Search Console? Guests of Greece Gambling Conference will find out about this from the marketing and SEO expert Nikola Minkov. Nikola has many years of experience in technical optimization, content marketing, planning and forecasting of SEO campaigns, strategies for search results management etc. Over the eight years, he has implemented more than 700 SEO projects in various countries of the world. Expert is a founder and CEO at Serpact – an agency offering more than 150 content marketing strategies to its clients. Speaker’s presentation at Greece Gambling Conference will be titled: “SEO: latest methods for staying on the top of search results”. Key points: - how to manage Google Search Console; - how to check backlink profile security; - how to keep track of technical issues on the website; - how to develop a step-by-step action plan. Join us and attend a presentation by Nikola Minkov to ask your questions. Expert will be speaking at Greece Gambling Conference on April 29 in the Athens.

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