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Uplatform Highlights, Looking Back On The Success That Was 2021

Thursday, 30 December 2021

While 2021 has seen a return to some normalcy in people's lives, it has also seen some ups and downs in our ever-changing lives. However, the positives that have emerged from these trying times can provide great strength and optimism to the iGaming industry.

The industry as a whole has not been held down and, just like Uplatform, has continued to grow from strength to strength. The Uplatform team in the last 12 months produced exceptional results despite the challenges of 2021.

As a new player in the market, Uplatform has made quite an impression in a short period. Check out a summary of Upltaform's accomplishments and numbers in 2021, as well as a sneak peek blueprint for 2022.

  • Live events - Uplatfrom successfully executed its first-ever live stand at iGB Live! Amsterdam. Introducing Uplatform to the market, meeting and greeting people from all over the globe with enthusiasm, and welcoming clients and guests with incredible coffee, hundreds of unforgettable snapshots, and hours of constructive meetings with old and new partners and clients.

  • Quality coverage - members of the Platforms expert team made countless appearances in industry media articles and exclusive interviews, providing expert insights and valuable hands-on industry perspectives.

  • Proactive strategy - Uplatform team has been working persistently over the last 12 months to provide its clients with an enhanced and more competitive platform. Extending new languages with 65+ and counting, exciting new content providers, incorporating unique and unconventional sports, and a range of fantastic new platform features.

  • Impressive numbers - Uplatfrom's goal is to deliver growth. These stats indeed say it all: 187% growth in 3Q, 4/5 clients received over 350% growth, 50+ clients acquired in under 24 months, and 5/6 clients obtain 43% conversion or more, are pretty remarkable for a sports betting and casino platform provider that has only been around for few years.

Brief Blueprint for 2022

Uplatform plans to extend its incredible team with more skilled personnel, offer more strategically localized content for every market, increase conversion rates, introduce many more new providers and obtain new licenses and certifications to expand into new areas. Add more unique bets, sports, leagues, casino games, and events from around the world, ranging from the well-known to the fascinating and extraordinary.

It doesn't end there, after the amazing premiere success of the Uplatfrom live stand in Amsterdam, the team at Uplatfrom plan on continuing to promote Uplatform's powerful platform and solutions while meeting as many people as live events at as many calendar events as possible. So keep an eye out for their 2022 expo plans!

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