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Why Go Through A Rebrand And What Will This Mean For Ezugi’s New And Existing Partnerships?

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Kfir Kugler, CEO at Ezugi, comments on the company’s recent rebranding efforts, how partners will benefit from a more modern approach, and what’s next on the agenda now that it has a new look in  the market.

Forging a reputation takes decades, building relationships that help  both parties succeed and take markets to new heights. Since its establishment in 2012, Ezugi has built up a reputation as a significant force in creating best-in-breed localised content.

Now operating 12 studios with over 20 different game types and partnering with more than 200 operators spanning the globe, Ezugi understands the needs of clients wishing to enter new territories. It provides key understandings of cultural differences and tailors products to bring a local flavour and ensure success for its operators.

Ezugi is innovating constantly. Localised content is an exciting  avenue in the igaming market right now, and the demand for Indian games in particular is growing significantly. With that in mind, a new Indian themed studio – Maharaja Studio – has been developed and will be launched very soon.

Adding to an already strong Indian portfolio, the studio will provide  simple formats that play brilliantly on mobile, and players will get to experience six Hindi speaking tables, delivered in an authentic and majestic environment.

Yet even leading providers are not immune to change, and it’s not enough to rely on the status quo. They need to ask themselves whether their images and values are keeping up with market progression.

Since becoming part of the Evolution Group in 2018, Ezugi has seen that progress increase, moving into new geographical markets, and continuing to build its reputation as a bold and agile provider.

But the reality is, Ezugi’s current profile no longer encompasses all that it is, and all that it has achieved. Which is why it’s made the decision to evolve and reveal a new brand identity. This change starts by focusing on the visual identity of the company, in recognition of the need to stay contemporary and competitive.

So, what does this look like? With its new logo design, Ezugi has  capitalised on its always live mentality – 24/7 open tables, 24/7 support, and 24/7 gaming opportunities.

The aim is to highlight its sharpness of vision when it comes to launching fresh ideas, and operators will have noticed the addition of a  distinctive red streaming live dot, as well as a new slogan: ‘Smart  Move’.

Operators already know Ezugi for providing innovative localised content, doing away with the ‘one size fits all’ mentality, and instead taking a ‘first-to-market’ approach that delivers sophisticated content. That hasn’t changed.

Rather than taking away from the current brand, Ezugi is building on  an already prestigious reputation and giving operators the confidence  that they’re working with a brand that looks to stay ahead of market trends.

And that’s the next step forward – taking this new brand and  delivering something exceptional with it. Ezugi is developing an innovative and unique gaming experience and in Q3 will be launching  Video Blackjack. Today, most people work and communicate through video-chat applications, and this has only been exacerbated by recent pandemic restrictions.

Industries have adopted video functions for their daily work life on a  global scale. So, why should live casino be any different? There’s a  gap here for a live video-chat function on casino tables, and Ezugi will be adding this to one of its Blackjack tables later this year.

The idea behind this feature is to provide players a socialising  factor while playing Blackjack. This aspect looks to replicate the feeling of a genuine land-based casino experience, seated next to actual  players and giving a new social atmosphere to the whole experience.

Ezugi is about providing its partners, and ultimately the end user, with a state-of-the-art gaming experience, which only comes from embracing change and acknowledging when modernisations need to take  place.

Operators want to know that they’re working with a brand that recognises shifts in the market and can not only adapt their games to fit new player needs, but also adapt at a corporate level to improve and provide a modern, sophisticated service.

With the development of a new brand image, Ezugi recognises how far  it’s come in the last nine years, and that its original persona no longer fits all the incredible services it can now provide. It marks a new and exciting chapter for Ezugi and its partners.

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