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Player Account Management (PAM)

Platform Provider

Player Account Management (PAM)

Bragg player account management (PAM) iGaming platform includes full managed services for online casino, sportsbook, lottery and omnichannel operations. A full suite of data analytics and responsible gaming tools via a single back-office, safe server reporting for all supported jurisdictions and enhanced monitoring tools are also included.

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Fuze™ Marketing Toolset

Marketing Software

Fuze™ Marketing Toolset

Fuze™ , Bragg’s player engagement product offers access to a set of tools that increase user engagement by enabling automated, real-time in-game gamification, conversion and retention mechanisms. Tools included such as:

- An AI powered Game Recommendation System which analyzes player data and behavior and generates personalized game recommendations, showing recommended games on multiple different channels.

- Flash Jackpots which reward gameplay by adding random bonus wins, ensuring an elevated gaming experience and contributing to a higher player lifetime value.

- Game-based leaderboards, developed as a feature that enable players to collect scatters, wilds and free round triggers.

- Blitz!, a short tournament format where players try to reach the highest score with limited time and spins, which supports a new configuration option, allowing players to keep the best score from their multiple game sessions.

- Bragg has extended Fuze™ functionalities available to sportsbook operators, by adding four major sportsbook providers, a newly launched Quest tool for the sportsbook vertical, and innovative features such as bet Details, Duplicate bets and Limited stake and bets.

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Content Aggregation


Content Aggregation

The Bragg Remote Games Server (RGS) licensed, certified and approved to deliver casino games across 25+ regulated Gaming markets in Europe, North America and globally is constantly updated and boasts over 9,000 titles.

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Exclusive Content

Games Providers

Exclusive Content

Casino content from multiple in-house proprietary content studios as well as multiple studio partners building and releasing games exclusively through the Powered By Bragg program distributed through by Bragg via the Bragg HUB content delivery platform.

Bragg’s in-house studios include Atomic Slot Lab, Wild Streak Gaming and Indigo Magic while Powered By Bragg partners include Blueberi, Sega Sammy Creation, Incredible Technologies, King Show Games, Galaxy Gaming and Gaming Arts.

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Crypto Payment Gateway for e-Commerce

Crypto and Blockchain Solutions

Crypto Payment Gateway for e-Commerce

Orbital’s crypto payment gateway facilitates e-commerce platforms to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, and other cryptocurrencies, instantly converting them into stablecoins or the fiat currency of choice.

Merchants have the flexibility to integrate with Orbital through a variety of methods, including a hosted payments page, a rapid widget, a payment link, or a fully customizable crypto payment API solution.

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Global Payment Platform for Businesses

Payment Solutions

Global Payment Platform for Businesses

Orbital revolutionizing cross-border payments for businesses, offering swift, regulated transactions in over 30 crypto and fiat currencies.

Our platform empowers businesses with a named IBAN accounts in major fiat currencies, crypto wallets, foreign exchange services, OTC trading, and comprehensive pay-in and payout options in more than 180 territories.

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WA.Fantasy - Fantasy Sports Solutions

Fantasy Sports

WA.Fantasy - Fantasy Sports Solutions

WA.Fantasy brings the world of sport to life with a fully customisable fantasy league platform, resting assured that our top quality payment options promise safe and secure transactions.

We have every Fantasy League aspect covered: a sleek, interactive lobby for players to enjoy, visual highlights for squad announcements and match start reminders, with the ability to create a wide variety of exciting categories and leagues for customers to enter.

- Single (team vs team) or multi-match fantasy games
- Private pools created by users
- Flexible point systems
- Global player leaderboards
- Player & match statistics
- Leaderboard & scoreboard updates in real-time
- Promo codes, bonus cash & referral rewards

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WA.Lottery - Lottery Game Providers

Lottery Providers

WA.Lottery - Lottery Game Providers

WA.Lottery is a dynamic force of top lottery solutions! Whether looking for added value to existing projects or a brand-new start-up, WA.Lottery can provide it all.

We deliver access to over 70 of the world’s biggest lottery formats, including Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, and more.

- All-in-one seamless lottery solutions
- Lottery expansion or stand-alone platform
- Casino & lottery integration
- Insured Jackpots up to €250 million
- Vast product range
- Fully customisable
- Complete management solutions
- Professional analytics
- Go live in <six weeks!

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WA.Sports - Sportsbook Software

Sportsbook Software

WA.Sports - Sportsbook Software

WA.Sports offers an entire spectrum of sportsbook solutions – providing everything you need to get your sports betting business experience up and running.

Our universal sportsbook package is a fully licensed, custom-branded betting site. We ensure the finest player account management, payment services, CRM, and affiliate and agent management.

- 125+ sports, 30,000+ events
- Experienced risk and trading
- Dedicated customer support
- Centralised event management
- Real-time Bet Ticker

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WA.Platform - Platform Providers / White Label Solutions

White Label Solutions

WA.Platform - Platform Providers / White Label Solutions

The Only iGaming Platform You Need - Experience total control, security, and flexibility with the WA.Platform to effortlessly manage, monitor, and expand a new iGaming business.

From the intuitive back office to extensive third-party integrations with almost 99% uptime, including sportsbook applications, we provide clients with the state-of-the-art tools they need to stay ahead of the game:
- Multi-level affiliate architecture
- Granular control on a setup/brand/player level
- Best-in-class CRM and marketing tools
- Cross-platform bonus management system
- Sleek content management system
- Back office and website available in multiple languages
- Ability to override translations
- Multi-currency support with 80+ payment methods

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WA.Casino - Dedicated Casino Environments / Game Aggregation


WA.Casino - Dedicated Casino Environments / Game Aggregation

WA.Casino is a go-to Universal Casino Solution, combining unparalleled content aggregation with outstanding turnkey solutions and the finest casino management. Our dynamic team strives to be a world leader in online casino solutions, with a presence already felt across multiple markets, including emerging markets.

Game Aggregation
WA.Casino delivers a seamless casino experience by bringing together a wealth of top-quality, diverse and reliable content from over 70 industry-leading studios designed to meet the needs of every player:
- Diverse game portfolio - Live casino, crash, slots & table games
- Top-notch content from an in-house game studio
- Dedicated back-office
- 24/7 customer support
- Up-to-date game library
- Single API Integration
- Exclusive game promos, tournaments

Turnkey Solutions
Manage a casino business with ease:
- Diverse portfolio of top-tier games
- Content Management System
- Analytics & reports
- API Integration
- Technical support
- Adapted design

Casino Management
Build a casino effortlessly:
- Technical documentation
- Testing environment
- Front-end best practices
- Back office
- Free updates
- Casino development advisory

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Convera Integrated Subsidiary Model

Treasury Services

Convera Integrated Subsidiary Model

Optimise your processes for subsidiaries around the world
Any holding company that manages treasury on behalf of its subsidiaries knows that handling international payments and currency risk through multiple providers can eat into resources and decrease efficiencies. On the other hand, setting up multiple subsidiaries with the one supplier can be challenging.

Overcome this problem with Converas’ integrated subsidiaries model, and centralise international payments for your foreign and domestic entities.

One account, centralised payments

The integrated subsidiaries model makes it simple for you to streamline international payments, and also manage currency risk across your group entities. If you are a holding company with a centralised treasury function, you can establish one main account and sub accounts for each qualifying subsidiary. This means you can manage international payments centrally without requiring each subsidiary to sign its own T&Cs:

• The sub-accounts carry the name of both the parent and of the subsidiary
• Each sub-account can be reported on separately
• We can accept settlement from subsidiaries bank accounts

Are all subsidiaries eligible?

To qualify for the integrated subsidiaries model, you must be able to demonstrate:

• A minimum 50% direct or indirect ownership of your subsidiaries.
• Authority to manage treasury flows on behalf of your subsidiaries.

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