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The Clover Wheel



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CT Gaming Interactive has just released new slot game with innovative mechanics that guarantees great players' experience.

The Clover Wheel is a new generation of CT Gaming Interactive's game with many winning opportunities, diversifying the operators' offerings for better engagement and retention.

With Wild on all reels, two Scatters, Wheel of Fortune, and a Mini Bonus which could be triggered by a special symbol, stored in a pot, Clover Wheel has the potential to be the players' favorite slot title.

The Wild symbol multiplies the winnings in which substitutes while the 2 Scatters add more to the thrill of the game.

The second Scatter, in the form of a Ladybug, is stored in a special pot. When a certain amount of Ladybugs are accumulated the Mini Bonus could be triggered. Regardless of the bet, when hitting the Mini Bonus the player gets all the winnings in the pot.

And that's not all.

A bonus WHEEL OF FORTUNE with free spins could multiply up to 1000 the line bet, and within the Free spins, more Free spins could be won.

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The Clover Wheel

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