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Random number generation is not only applicable in game development, but even more, it has existed since ancient times! Surprisingly, such simple action of rolling the dice is exactly a method for getting random numbers from 1 to 6 on two cubes with six playing faces. The dices are rolled, the points on the top faces are added and the result is summed up. Easy!

Rocket Dice holds to the simple principles of the game which existed for a while now. Two dices are used with a Dice cup at hand. The main goal of the game is to make a correct guess whether the outcome of rolling will be higher or lower than the chosen number from 2 to 12 with parameters “over” or “under”.
After choosing the hit the Roll, Jack, and don’t you hesitate to risk to set the bigger bets for generous multiplier. All the winning payouts with corresponding multipliers are made according to the Paytable which you can find in the game rules. All the rolls’ results you will see at the detailed stats table. Have you noticed how pleasant to eyes are the shades of the table coverings?

Neat and laconic, perfect for leisure. Your entertainment in every game form is BGAMING’s priority. Welcome to Rocket Dice!

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Rocket Dice

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